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What Is The Difference Between a Good Recycled Toner Cartridge and a Bad Recycled Toner Cartridge?

Good Vs Bad Toner Cartridges

At Supplies N' Beyond, we get countless calls a day from confused customers, wondering how and why they got duped by what they thought was a high-quality toner cartridge, and how they can tell the difference between good and bad in order to avoid their unpleasant experience the next time.

Have you ever tried an aftermarket toner cartridge? You know, one of those cartridges that is not in an HP box and it’s a lot cheaper than the original?

Yeah, those!

Have you ever used one that works well?  I have! 

Have you ever used one that didn’t work well? I have!

So… what the heck is the difference? Why such variance in quality?

I mean, it’s not like that with most things you buy and what a pain in the butt it would be if it were! Imagine if it was like that with toilet paper… you kind of count on it to work well no matter what brand - and oh the ramifications is it doesn’t. Sorry, I digress.


Believe it or not, there is some serious technology and engineering involved in the manufacturing of those little toner cartridges - like hundreds of millions of dollars serious, both in the research and development and quality control. So when a company builds and sells an inferior product and markets it as a real alternative, you quickly find out that not all are toner cartridges are created equal!

Due to the fact that there are no true regulations on how aftermarket toner cartridges are built, it’s can seem like a gamble. Some product is built by simply drilling a hole in the cartridge to dump and replace toner – BIG no, no.

Those manufacturers use low grade components during the manufacturing process and build everything 100% by hand, therefore increasing the chance for error and resulting in an inconsistent, low quality product.

At Supplies N’ Beyond, our product is designed and built by degreed engineers - material engineers, automation engineers, environmental engineers, electrical engineers, and manufacturing design engineers. Using automation and robotics, as well as only the highest quality components available on the market, we produce a truly superior product!

Print Quality

When you buy a toner cartridge, you usually expect two things: to receive the amount of printed pages advertised by the seller, and a good, clean print. That means no smudging, leaking, dirty pages, and/or any other defect that causes you downtime. Whether it’s a monochrome cartridge (aka black and white,) or a color cartridge (aka color ink,) when you buy a recycled product, the output should be a high quality true alternative to the original. Anything less than that and you are not getting your anticipated value.

Toner on your shirt, daaamn! Toner on your carpet, Fewwwy! Toner all over your machine, oh no you di’int! Crappy print, Seacrest out! All of these are all results of inferior product.


When you need to buy toner, be smart. If it sounds like it’s too good of a deal or the price is too low to be definitely is! If you see a cartridge that is 60% or more off than the price of the original, it means it’s a low-quality knock off. That cartridge has been built with inferior components, which will result in fewer pages than advertised and low quality print, a cheap imitation of the original that is most likely illegal!

With the right product you can save a lot of money, effort, and time - AND not suffer a bad user experience. Don't give up on your mission to do something nice for the Earth by buying recycled toner, just because you had ONE bad experience. Do your research and know what to look for when making your purchase.

High quality, eco-friendly, recycled toner cartridges with an incredible product DOES exist, you just have to find a reliable company to partner with to make sure you get what you're looking for every single time! 

Buy Recycled, Buy Superior Quality, Buy from a company with Integrity, Buy Supplies N’ Beyond


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